Hudson's Bay Gift Registry

Gifting site for HBC

HBC's Gift Registry is one of Hudson's Bay's most popular and profitable divisions. They were in need of a total re-design of their online site. The target audience was newly engaged Canadian women ages 25-35. The site was to act as a starting point for users to register their wedding and select all the gifts they wanted to be on their registry.

  • ClientHudson's Bay
  • Project involvement-UX / UI
    -Web Design
    -Front end Development
  • Tools used-Sketch
    -Adobe Creative Suite

Wire Framing
Initially low-fidelity wireframes were created to figure out how users would navigate from one page to another. Figuring out how to make the process as simple as possible would help quickly get users to register and get them excited to sign up and start the process of adding to their gift registry.

Prototyping and Testing
As the wireframes became more refined I started to create prototypes to help further understand and correct user flow. Building each navigational item out within a prototype solved many issues from form details to the user registry process. Once the prototypes were built I tested them with a small group women in my office aged 25-30 based in Canada, some were newly engaged and some were not. Early testing of these simple wireframes prototypes help debug many issues in the early exploratory phases.

UI design
After gathering up testing results and revising the wireframes with the feedback I received, I soon began to create more final looking UI designs. Solving colour and imagery issues as well as interactive visual components such as buttons and navigational items. I then ran these more polished designs through a 2nd round of user testing and gathered more feedback which helped shape the site even further. Soon the site began to come together.

In the end, the final design was built to be fresh and clean. Photography was a key component to the site, showing off HBC's beautiful products was front and centre. As this site would be searched from anywhere, its framework was designed to be completely responsive so that it would work and be flexible on multiple devices.