Website design for Canadian retailer Zellers

The Brief
Prior to closing, Zellers was one of Canada's most well know retailers. Their thrifty and budget friendly online site was in desperate need of an overhaul. The goal, to drive more traffic in-store and boost overall sales.

  • ClientZellers
  • Project involvement-Art Direction
    -Web Design
    -Front end Development
  • Tools used-Adobe Photoshop
    -Adobe Illustrator

I first began researching other online retail sites and studying current social and interactive behaviours. Since Zellers did not have the budget to be an e-commerce site, the idea was to have users instead create a custom profile on zellers.ca which housed their personal preferences and product needs. The site featured a 'What's Next' panel which users could add custom selected items and promotions and then receive personal emails and tweets based upon their selections.

Prototyping & Testing
As I began to figure out the complexities of the user profile page I thought it was best to do quick low-fidelity prototype of the registration page to work out any complications. Once the flow was figured out I quickly began to run user tests using these low-fidelity mockups.

UI Design
After figuring out the details of the wireframing process I began to create more polished designs framing out the UI details. I knew at this point that the site would function at its best and have no complications when it came time to build.

After several rounds of wireframing, testing and prototyping the site quickly came together. In the end the site help launch a new look for Zellers and helped gain more customers and traffic to their site.