Intuit Canada

User Interface & Experience Design for

During my time at Intuit Canada I worked as a Senior Visual UI & UX Designer helping them with complex interactive challenges. By running numerous user centric tests I was able to deliver strong branded designs from concept to completion. I collaborated with product developers, researchers and other team members to create & direct design quality processes, pattern libraries, frameworks, and other tools.

  • ClientIntuit Canada
  • Project involvement-UI Design
    -UX Design
  • Tools used-Sketch
    -Adobe Creative Suite

Wire Framing
Many projects I worked on at Intuit started out as wireframes. This early stage of design was absolutely necessary to understand the depth and flow of a project. Figuring out how one navigates from page to page helped define the beginnings of a project.


Running numerous customer centric tests both in-house and using tools such as proved to be very helpful. Asking important questions around design, content and functionality helped refine the overall design process.

User Interaction Design
Once wire framing and prototyping were complete the low-fidelity designs and UI began to take shape. From there I could run further tests with hi-fidelity designs and refine the creative elements.

During my time at Intuit I had the pleasure of solving many complex design challenges and creating amazing functional designs.