Sunlife Financial

Senior UX Architect

At Sunlife I was responsible for all user experience enhancements within their DHS (Digital Health Services) department. It was my job to propose well thought out design solutions based on user research, competitors anlysis and indepth qualitative and quantitaive data gathered from user testing. From early UX flows to completed UI designs, I helped increase user awarness and user aquisitions within Lumino Health and Provider Search.

  • ClientSunlife Financial
  • Project involvement-UI Design
    -UX Design
  • Tools used-Sketch

Lean Canvas
Prior to every major project a UX Lean Canvas is drawn up. I find it serves as a step-by-step guide to both understand the current landscape of business and customer needs, and acts as a catalyst for the creation of hypotheses to validate.


User Mapping and Personas
Here I like to describe in detail who the key customers are and why they feel the ways that they do. User mapping can help highlight what your customers do as they interact, including where things do and don't meet their expectations, and places where an organisation can improve to serve customers better.”

User Flow
Here I start working over the user flow, it give an overall picture of what we are creating and an opportunity to create a more seamless user experience. Here I wanted to show the number of decision points in a registration process.

Running numerous customer centric tests both in-house and using tools such as proved to be very helpful. Asking important questions around design, content and functionality helped refine the overall design process.

User Interaction Design
Once wire framing and prototyping were complete the low-fidelity designs and UI began to take shape. From there I could run further tests with hi-fidelity designs and refine the creative elements.